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Why WordPress is best for business Websites


Small business owners are very busy people who wear many different hats, so making site updates and keeping your plug-ins up to date are probably quite low on your list of priorities; However, having a professional website is still very important for drawing in new customers. This is why WordPress is the perfect solution.

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Here are some of the benefits to using WordPress

Start where you are- You don’t need to fool yourself into thinking that you need to be a big company before you will benefit from a website. You could start with simple landing page that displays your company name address and contact number. Because WordPress’s structure is inherently very scalable, you can continue to add pages as they become relevant to your business. Open a location for your business in London? Create a page for that city! Beyond that, you can create pages about your services offered in each city, as well as make them for other areas that you offer your services.

Most designers use WordPress- The fact that WordPress is so popular means that you won’t be stuck if you decide that you want to take your business to another designer. The interface for WordPress is pretty standard so you have 1000’s of options on which you work with. As long as they know WordPress the can pick up where the last person left off.retirement-nizzow-owners-regarding-retirement-webdesign-small-business-owners

WordPress Websites are Easy to Use- Not everyone has enough time (or interest) to learn complicated code or manipulate the back end of a website. WordPress simplifies the process with a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that even a technophobe can use with relative ease. WordPress is also a browser-based interface, so you can make updates to your site from anywhere!

WordPress Sites Perform Well With Search Engines (SEO)- Even if your WordPress website is professionally developed, maintenance is easy as can be. Each page, post or image can be customized quite easily. There are even plugins available that help to streamline the search engine optimization process, which is super helpful to business owners who choose to do their SEO on their own.