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Why building a website gives insight into how well you know your business.

In my recent blog “How to get a professional website at a great price” I shared the fact that many of my clients find it very difficult to provide quality content and copy for their website. This got me thinking. Why would a small business owner find it difficult to provide documents that explain what their top products are or who their target market is? To some people this might sound quite fundamental to running a business, but the sad truth is many small business owners either don’t know or find it difficult to communicate.

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Five reasons why some business owners struggle to produce content for their website.

They don’t think that a business plan is important – Much of the copy for your website can be lifted from your business plan. Yes, you will need to make the language less formal but it serves as a great starting point. The problem is that some people either don’t know how to write a business plan or just don’t see the importance of having a business plan. Either way they are definitely setting themselves up to fail.

confused-business-woman_nizzow_talentcasaThey just don’t know – This might sound harsh but many small business owners get so caught up in the day-to-day grind that they lose sight of the details behind the actions. This is often tends to be the case for sole traders like plumbers and electricians. They intuitively know their industry but probably don’t have much written down.

It’s all in their head – I talk to so many business owners who find it difficult to transfer what’s in their heads to a written document. This causes problems on so many levels. Failure to write down processes and procedures is a costly mistake because one of the biggest time killers and profit killers in business is miscommunication. Internal and external communication is a big issue when there are no documented procedures. When things are clear with procedures there is less need for communication and less argument over how things should be done.

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nizzow_talentcasa-young-business-woman-trapped-in-a-cubicle-looking-confusedIt’s a state secret – This might sound silly but some business owners are reluctant to document things because they are concerned that someone might steal their ideas. Well unless you have the formula for coke a cola or KFC, I would strongly advise you to start writing things down.

Too busy running the business – You probably have a lot going on as a small business owner. The state of being busy can drain your creativity and prevent you from sitting down and evaluating what you are actually doing. Making time to review your business and business processes is a very important activity. Don’t wait until it is too late to review your business, even if it is just a simple SWOT analysis.

The common quote “People don’t to plan to fail, they fail to plan” comes to mind. So in summary, you should have a well-documented overview of your business readily available at all times, if you don’t it’s not too late to start. A good business plan is the foundation of a good business.