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Jamaican Restaurants: Love the food, hate the service!


Warning  – this article contains run on sentences and poor use of punctuation. There might also be several spelng mistaks.

I’m going to channel Donald Trump and be as offensive and stereotypical as possible. I will also make extreme claims that may or may not have supporting facts. I can do this because over the years hundreds of thousands of Jamaican people have worked for me in my properties worth billions and the “Jamaican’s love me, they just love me!”



How much money is poor customer service costing you?
“Wah yuh want?” He says as he finally glances away from the video of some bashment party filmed with a shaky camera and poor lighting. It’s at least 12 minutes after I walked into the restaurant and this is the first time that any of the 6 staff members who are floating around have even acknowledged my existence. Is it because they know that I’m not Jamaican? I sheepishly respond because I know that ordering food at a Jamaican sales-pitch-ninja-talentcasaRestaurant is not an exact science. From past experience I am aware that the “menu” is only there as a loose guide of what might be available if the chef is in the mood to make the dish on that particular day. The menu!?!? Don’t even get me started. I see that on Tuesday’s the lunch special is Jerk Chicken but what it doesn’t say is that…It’s only available on Tuesdays every other month except on leap years and only if Dexter (the chef) didn’t drink too much Red Stripe the night before and arrive at work late and in an even worse mood than usual. My question is, why don’t they ever have what is printed on the menu? “I’ll have a medium Jerk Chicken dinner with……”

I can’t believe it, she just walked away in the middle of my order. It must be something important, no actually she just wanted to put in another video from another poorly filmed dance that was promoted using the worst designed flyers with pictures of Will Smith, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama and Some video vixen photoshopped in front of a pink Bentley on top of a mountain with a bear wearing a chain sipping Crystal from a platinum chalice. These people obviously aren’t all actually there, everyone knows that Barack Obama is allergic to bears. The dance is entitled “A night called grind up and sit down big up champagne big up!”

After she is sure that the video is playing she comes back and asks…..”Wah yuh want” I act as if I’m someone else to avoid an awkward moment. “Ill have a Jerk Chicken with rice and peas and a festival please”. “No Jerk Chicken, it dun” (as she kisses her teeth and looks at me like I should have known that). “Ok I’ll have the fish”. She tells me the price, which is great value for money. I pay her and sit down. 15 minutes later my food comes. Just what I ordered. Brown Stew chicken with white rice and two fried dumplings… I don’t say anything. I just enjoy one of the best meals that I have had all week!

I love my people and I love Jamaican food but come on. Service matters! I regularly consult with small businesses that have forgotten how important service is. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the key lead indicators of profit and growth.

  • How much effort do you put into delivering an exceptional service?
  • Do you have a robust feedback mechanism?
  • How important is customer satisfaction to you?

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