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Sell Your Music Digitally

You don’t need a label to share your music with the world. TuneCore makes it easy to get your music into iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and 150+ digital store partners. You keep 100% of your rights and 100% of the money you earn. It’s free to create an account and get started.

Grow and Manage Your Career!

The songs you write generate over a dozen royalties when they’re sold, streamed, or performed live. You can’t get these royalties yourself without a publishing administrator. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration not only collects these royalties for you, but also:

  • Improve the sound quality of your tracks
  • Engage listeners across social media
  • Get your music reviewed by fans

TuneCore offers a range of artist tools & services to help support you no matter where you are in your career.

Artists Make Money on YouTube with TuneCore