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5 Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out


Having a website is just one part of the puzzle. How do you get people to visit your site? How do you convert visits into sales? These are all good questions. Here are a few tips to get you started and make your website stand out.

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5 strategies for making your website stand out

Carpe diem (sieze the day). If you don’t yet have a website (and perhaps have been putting if off), don’t wait another minute. There are so many options to get you started both free and paid. Nip procrastination in the bud. Just seeing you have a site can be very motivating to take the next steps.


Think in color. Decide what colors you want to use. You should have 1-2 focus colors, which appear most often on your site, and 2-3 complementing colors, which don’t compete for attention but are everywhere as well. White space is equally important, as it can provide visual relief, contrast, and organization.

Be consistent. Stick to the same colors and designs as the trademark or signature for your site. This ensures that people will recognize you easily and will help build your brand.

Have a tagline. Place a short description on your home page and in your metatag. When people come to your site, it immediately lets them know if they’re in the right place.

Content, content, content. Create content that will resonate with your customers. Most people who are building their first website don’t realize how difficult creating content is. The lack of quality content is what usually delays the construction of your website.

Bonus Tip*

Find a good web hosting company. We have been building websites for over 10 years and no matter how well designed your website is, it needs to be accessible to customers. Be sure to pick a good hosting company and try to avoid re sellers. Cheaper is not always better. We work exclusively with Godaddy.


There is no good excuse for not having a website if you are serious about your business product or service. There are tons of FREE and cheap web design services out there. If you are ready to get started and would like some advice or support, you can give us a call at no obligation.

Building your own professional website is as easy as 1.2.3